Installation Venue Performance time Coordinates
1. Sun Effects: Candy House Ateneum façade 5 pm – 10 pm 60.170327, 24.944055
2. Jarmo Vellonen, Marikki Hakola, Epa Tamminen & Jone Takamäki: Frontiers Ateneum Courtyard 5 pm – 10 pm 60.169884, 24.944194
3. Kai van der Puij: 11.5 Hz Ateneum landing, 3rd floor 5 pm – 10 pm 60.169991, 24.944098
4. Rémi Brun: Loopy Lou University of Helsinki, Porthania 5 pm – 10 pm 60.170039, 24.948539
5. Shader: Megamap Helsinki Cathedral Bell Tower 5 pm – 10 pm 60.169948, 24.951168
6. Several artists: Ilon kuvia Helsinki Cathedral 5 pm – 10 pm 60.170215, 24.952252
7. Alexander Reichstein: He olivat täällä Tori Quarters, Sofiankatu 5 pm – 10 pm 60.168459, 24.952198
8. Antti Pussinen & Martta-Kaisa Virta: Medicine City Esplanade Park stage 5 pm – 10 pm 60.167728, 24.950331
9. TILT: Lampounette Esplanade Park 5 pm – 10 pm 60.167509, 24.947628
10. Nathalie Chambart: Nowhere Erottaja Pavilion 5 pm – 10 pm 60.166517, 24.943572
11. Several artists: Lantern Park Old Church Park 5 pm – 10 pm 60.166191, 24.940536
12. Kari Kola: Color Park Old Church Park 5 pm – 10 pm 60.165804, 24.939329
13. Kalle Mustonen: An' She Said Yea Window of Bar Loose 5 pm – 10 pm 60.166749, 24.937231
14. Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett: CLOUD Crossing between Annankatu and Kalevankatu 5 pm – 10 pm 60.166938, 24.936831
15. Immanuel Pax: Maailma jossa elämme Annantalo façade 5 pm – 10 pm 60.167882, 24.934814
16. Several artists: Valoleikkipuisto Annantalo 5 pm – 10 pm 60.167821, 24.934604

Installations can be viewed from 5pm to 10pm. All of the works will be on show non-stop during the festival, but their running times will vary. The programme is subject to changes.

Print out a festival map (pdf) from this link.

Lux Helsinki 2016 exceeds expectations despite sub-zero temperatures

Arranged for the eighth time on 6–10 January 2016, Lux Helsinki filled the centre of Helsinki, Finland, with delighted visitors. Audience feedback highlighted the event's unique atmosphere, which combines a sense of community, crisp winter weather and spectacular light artworks. Part of the festival was held in temperatures of almost minus 25 degrees. The festival attracted over a half million visitors during a five-day period.

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The Info page gives answers to frequently asked questions

Where is the nearest cashpoint? Where can I find a toilet? What should I wear to the festival? Where can I get a printed brochure? Where do I find the information points?

Why does the festival last just five days? Who chooses the works and side programme?

From the Info page, you will find answers to these questions and much more.

  • Lux Helsinki 2016 – watch the video!

    The Lux Helsinki light festival will be held in Helsinki, Finland for the eighth time, from Wednesday 6 to Sunday 10 January 2016. In 2016, the artworks will be on display along a new route running from the Ateneum Art Museum to Annantalo, centering on the Esplanade Park, Bulevardi and Annankatu. What is more, the festival will become a more diverse, urban event with a greater focus on street food and the visitor experience. Passers-by can enjoy the light installations daily from 5 pm to 10 pm. Lux Helsinki is suitable for the whole family and entry is free of charge. The festival had over 200,000 visitors the last time it was held in January 2015. 

     The festival will be organised by the City of Helsinki. Päivi Meros, an Event Producer with Visit Helsinki, will coordinate the event on behalf of the City of Helsinki and Sun Effects Oy will be in charge of production. The festival’s Artistic Director is Ilkka Paloniemi and the Technical Director is Matti Jykylä.