Erottaja Pavilion / Nathalie Chambart: Nowhere

Erottaja Pavilion
Nathalie Chambart: Nowhere

Address: Parking hall entrance at the crossing between Erottajankatu and Bulevardi.

Nowhere tries to imagine somewhere, a place we can’t touch but can feel. 
Nowhere can take us anywhere. It refers to a possibility, a utopia.
Nowhere is a location that makes fun of itself.
Nowhere is hidden but still very much there.
Nowhere talks about what we can’t see.

The word "nowhere" has a different meaning for everyone. It is both a question and an answer in itself. In the middle of nowhere, where there is always something.

The work is inspired by long car drives on the back seat of your parents' car, passing the lights of cheap motels, the red light district and late night movie theatres. Nowhere speaks of melancholy but at the same time of hope.

The bulbs are similar to the traditional, incandescent bulbs used by the fairs that pass through Belgium every year. They remind us of a time and place to which we cannot return even if we want to.

The work has featured in a number of events in the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland. On this occasion, Nowhere will decorate the entrance to the parking building designed by Alvar Aalto, which is also known as the Erottaja Pavilion.

Photo: Lauri Rotko

Performance time: 5 pm – 10 pm

Nathalie Chambart (b. 1982) is a Belgian artist. Her varied work includes light artworks, photography and interventions in the public space. She explores issues that are either trivial or lost, creating art from themes that are hidden in plain sight. Everyone can interpret her works in their own way.

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