Helsinki Cathedral
Several artists: Ilon kuvia

Ilon kuvia (Images of Joy) invites you to relax in the middle of Senate Square. Eight artists will each create one image for the work, to be projected onto the surface of the Cathedral in turn. Ilon kuvia will explore joyous moods from various perspectives. This silent work is being specially created for Lux Helsinki.

Viewers will have the chance to compare interpretations of joy by different artists. The artists work in the no man's land between different genres of art: they include photographer Stefan Bremer, photographer Eeva Hannula, painter Henna Jula, media artist Heta Kuchka, graphic artist Visa Norros, painter Maiju Salmenkivi, lighting designer Petri Tuhkanen and painter and comic book artist Katja Tukiainen. The curator of the work is lighting designer Mia Kivinen.

The work will be created using traditional projector technology. Each artist will begin by using the technique of their choice to create an image, after which it will be converted into digital format. The image will be divided between several high-powered projectors, similar to overhead projectors, which will reassemble the image by projecting each fragment simultaneously.

The German artistic couple Casa Magica held a workshop for the artists in October 2015; the subject was the issues artists need to take into account when creating a work for the large surface of the Cathedral. The pair created Emergence on the Cathedral façade for the 2013 Lux Helsinki festival.

The work will last for eight minutes and be shown without interruption throughout the festival.

Photos of the artworks by Maiju Salmenkivi, Stefan Bremer and Katja Tukiainen: Lauri Rotko

Performance time: 5 pm – 10 pm

Stefan Bremer (b. 1953) is a major figure in Finnish photography. His wide-ranging work includes photojournalism, documentarism and art photography. Bremer's subjects have included Helsinki, subcultures and politics.

Pictures by photographer Eeva Hannula (b. 1983) approach uncertainty from various angles. In her work, she seeks to disrupt the fundamental nature of things and change their everyday meaning.

Nature forms the themes explored by painter Henna Jula (b. 1990). Her works clearly display the speed and direction of her brush strokes. Wholes emerge and fade – things coalesce and disintegrate simultaneously.

Media artist Heta Kuchka (b. 1974) works with videos, photography and installations. Her works present dialogues – with a humorous twist – on identity, communications, the media and society.

Graphic artist Visa Norros (b. 1960) works in metal graphics, combining the potential of graphics and painting. Although his works are abstract, nature and the landscape are always somehow present.

Fantasy meets reality in the expressionist landscapes of painter Maiju Salmenkivi (b. 1972). Everyday observations are counterpointed by global news phenomena as the subjects of her colourful paintings.

Petri Tuhkanen (b. 1980) has worked on a wide range of performing arts as a lighting and video designer and set designer. His light artwork, Sinisten välissä (In Between the Blues), which explored colours between the sea and the sky, featured in a previous Lux Helsinki.

Painter and comic-strip artist Katja Tukiainen (b. 1969) has become famous for her pink paintings with their common theme of girlish characters and animals. Her narrative works have become darker in recent years.

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