Side programme

Lux Helsinki Café

Aschan Café Jugend
Pohjoisesplanadi 19
Open daily 5 pm–10 pm

Aschan Café Jugend, which is located on Pohjoisesplanadi, will serve as the Lux Helsinki Café, where you can mingle with other festival visitors. Works by artist Ishmail Sandstroem will be on display at the café. In addition, a panel discussion on the theme of light and moderated by Radio Helsinki will be held there on Thursday 7 January at 7.30 pm.

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Why join the navy when you can be a pirate? (age limit 18 yrs)
Annankatu 28
Radio Helsinki DeLUXe Evenings every day from 5 pm to 10 pm.
Favourite DJs from the radio station will play records.

Wed 6.1. Edu Kehäkettunen
Thu 7.1. Mikko Mattlar
Fri 8.1. Lord Fatty
Sat 9.1. D.R.E.A.M.
Sun 10.1. VG+

Bar Loose (age limit 18 yrs)
Annankatu 21
Radio Helsinki DeLUXe Evenings every day from 5 pm to 10 pm.
Favourite DJs from the radio station will play records.

Wed 6.1. DJ TyTTi
Thu 7.1. Nick Triani
Fri 8.1. DJ Didier
Sat 9.1. XDJ Aksim
Sun 10.1. D.R.E.A.M.

Annantalo (for the whole family)
Annankatu 30
Sat 9 Jan 7 pm–10 pm
DJ Kristiina Männikkö live at the Book Café Sat 9 Jan at 7 pm–10 pm.

* See the full Annantalo programme at the Valoleikkipuisto (Light Playground) venue!

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Annantalo, Annankatu 30
Every day from 5 pm to 10 pm, unless otherwise stated.
Free entrance to the entire programme.

Annantalo's Valoleikkipuisto (Light Playground) invites the young at heart and people of all ages to explore the vast range of things that can be achieved with light. At the Valoleikkipuisto (Light Playground), you can experience the following:

Polar night therapy clinic
Venue: Studio Anna

Come and recharge your batteries at the darkest time of the year! The Polar night therapy clinic is an oasis of relaxation where you can bathe in bright lights, recline on plump pillows and enjoy soothing, ambient music. Relax...
Implementation: Simo Koivunen, Innolux Oy

Valograffiti (Light Graffiti) workshop
Venue: Photography class 

A photograph preserves an imprint of what happened in front of the camera. In dark spaces, you can draw or write with light, using long exposure times to create images. What do you want your photograph to say? At this workshop for all age groups, the public can try out painting with immaterial light graffiti. DJ Kristiina Männikkö's choice of music has been inspired by experiential, bodily work in low-light conditions. The workshop will culminate in a live gig by Männikkö at Annantalo’s Book Café on Saturday, 9 January from 7 pm to 10 pm.
Implementation: Tekla Inari and Kristiina Männikkö

Venue: Dance class

Himanttis glow in the cave. Whose home is this? Himantti will allow you to watch over the creatures that appear in the darkness of a cave. Capture light in your hand and awaken them from hibernation.

Implementation: Elina Rantasuo and Jani Anders Purhonen

Valoviidakko (Light Jungle)
Venue: The Hall

What's scurrying around in the jungle? Who on earth moved? A jungle trail full of experiences invites you on an atmospheric adventure. A variety of fascinating workshops will be held each day on the Light Jungle trail. Works by The Sutinat and Väripilkut student art groups from Annantalo will also be on display.
Implementation: Jenna-Mari Saarinen, Tomas De Rita, Sofia Palillo, Miila Vainio, Petri Laakso

* See the full Annantalo programme at the Valoleikkipuisto (Light Playground) venue!

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Venue: Annantalo theatre class
Annankatu 30
Daily 5 pm and 7 pm

YM PÄ RI presents viewers with three unknown worlds. Each world is home to a resident whose own world is familiar, while the others are not. 

"Everything is out of place here," shouts one of them.
"What do you mean, I just got everything sorted?" asks another.
The third says nothing. This strikes the others as being a little strange.

The performance will introduce viewers to the vastly different worlds in existence and the many different ways in which issues can present themselves. We sometimes forget to take account of the viewpoints of others and believe that our perspective is the only correct one. Viewers can move freely within the world created by the performance, there is no allocated seating. 

The performance is recommended for children aged 5-9. We recommend that adults are accompanied by children. Duration 1 h. 

Working group: Ville Aalto, Jukka Heiskanen, Meri-Tuuli Lönn, Fabian Nyberg, Suvi Rantanen, Hilla Ruoppila, Elli Saharinen, Katri Tihilä and Hannele Turunen. In cooperation with the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

The performance can accommodate up to 25 participants at a time. You can reserve a seat in advance: ympari.esitys at

* See the full Annantalo programme at the Valoleikkipuisto (Light Playground) venue!

Screening by AV-arkki: Searchlights
Venue: Ateneum Art Museum, Ateneum Hall, Kaivokatu 2
Sat 7 Jan 5pm–6pm

Experimental short films on theme of light. The following films will be seen (in order):

Timo Vaittinen: Keskuspuisto (2:40)
Vappu Rossi: Goodbye Shadowy (1:58)
Sami Sänpäkkilä: Launau - Valolle (4:26)
Lauri Astala: Transit (9:30). Watch an excerpt of the film here!
Marjatta Oja: Tests 5 & 6 (2:51)
Oliver Whitehead: Homelight (1:37)
Salla Myllylä: Fade Out (4:55)
Denise Ziegler: Reverse (1:14)
Seppo Renvall & Maija Saksman: Yöntutkija (5:13)
Heini Aho: Black Hole (2:25)
Salla Myllylä: Speed of Light (5:16)
Mikko Kuorinki: Untitled (Searchlight) (0:26)
Alli Savolainen: Embroidery (1:25)
Heini Aho: Dust Draws Out the Treasures (5:37)
Maria Duncker: Pam Pam (0:49)

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Discussions and seminars

Panel discussion on theme of light at Lux Helsinki Café
Aschan Café Jugend
Pohjoisesplanadi 19
Thurs 7 Jan at 7.30 pm
The panel discussion will be led by Radio Helsinki.

Light + Shade = Wellness. What effect does light and shadow have on wellness? Journalist Katja Pantzar, author of the book, Helsinki by Light; Research Professor Timo Partonen, an expert in the effects of the seasons; CEO Jukka Jokiniemi, the visually impaired leader of lighting manufacturer Innojok Oy; Climate Researcher Reija Ruuhela from Finnish Meterorogical Institute and lighting designer Ilkka Paloniemi, Artistic Director of Lux Helsinki, will join the discussion.

The panel discussion will be moderated by Aleksi Pahkala of Radio Helsinki and will be conducted in Finnish.

Lux Helsinki 2016 Symposium
Ateneum Art Museum, Ateneum Hall
Kaivokatu 2
Fri 8 Jan 12 pm – 6 pm. By invitation only.

A symposium on light art and light festivals will be held as part of the festival. Topics include domestic and international light festivals, as well as Finnish contemporary light art. The symposium is intended to raise awareness of the genre and to bring together international light festivals and Finnish light art experts. 

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Guided walking tours

Guided walking tours will be arranged on each day of the festival: in Finnish at 6 pm, in Swedish at 6.30 pm, in English at 7 pm and in Russian at 7.30 pm. 

Tickets must be obtained in advance at the Helsinki Tourist Information (Pohjoisesplanadi 19, open during the festival from Monday to Friday 9 am to 10 pm and Saturday to Sunday 10 am to 10 pm). Max 4 tickets per person. Tickets can be obtained from Saturday 2 January onwards.

Tours will depart from outside the main doors of the Ateneum Art Museum. Max. duration 2 hours. The tours are free of charge.

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Installations by Ishmail Sandstroem
Aschan Café Jugend, Lux Helsinki Café
Pohjoisesplanadi 19
Open daily 5 pm–10 pm

Harri Piispanen: Mobile Home
Annantalo, Annankatu 30
Visual arts classroom 1 on floor 1
Daily 5 pm–10 pm

Home is a place which every one needs. Its boundaries are hard to define – it can be a country, city or dwelling – but home is also a feeling. When you change places, your feeling of being at home can follow you or be left behind.

Mobile Home is a sculpture by visual artist Harri Piispanen. A shell-shaped structure made of recycled cardboard and paper forms a kind of dwelling: the idea of a space that you can carry with you, a space which not everyone has.

RBLCrew: Keisarin uudet vaatteet (The Emperor's New Clothes)
Annantalo, Annankatu 30
Lobby on floor 2
Daily 6 pm–9 pm

What was it like one day long ago at 5.30 pm in the Alepa store of the Asematunneli shopping centre? How does a constantly changing state of mind look and sound? See this art installation, which responds to its surroundings, at Annantalo!

Visuals: Deafvisuals
Sound: Xavier Brut

Snowballs above the Icepark
The Icepark, Central Railway Station Square
Wed-Fri 2 pm–9 pm, Sat 10 am–9 pm, Sun 12 noon–6 pm

Beautifully illuminated snowballs will float above the Icepark during the Lux Helsinki festival. Large white balloons will be illuminated to become snowballs in a wintry setting. You can admire the snowballs during breaks in the pirouettes artwork, while sipping hot chocolate in the Icepark Café, from the verge of the rink or while passing by. 

Mia Erlin & Jutta Kuure: Kolme ratkaisevaa sekuntia (Three crucial seconds)
Taiga Colors Helsinki
Tori Quarters, Uschakoff House
Unioninkatu 28
Every day, during the hours of darkness

A light artwork will spring to life in the shop window and façade of the Taiga Colors shop. Studies suggest that display windows have 1–3 seconds to capture the attention of passers-by. The work explores how light artwork can use movement in a new way inside and in front of shop windows. In Taiga Colors, the product concept's colour scheme is revisited in the light artwork's various shades and colours.

An invitation-only event will be held during the festival, involving a tour of the Lux ​​Helsinki light artworks and a discussion of the shop windows along the route. See the detailed programme on the Taiga Colors website.

The work was created by WSP Finland Design Studio lighting designer Mia Erlin and, from Taiga Colors, photographer-designer Jutta Kuure. This work is supported by Nylund Group/Meyer Lighting.  

Patterns from Finland: Kahvisalongin kuosikimara (Kahvisalonki fabrics collection)
Window of Bulevardin kahvisalonki
Bulevardi 1
Daily 5 pm–10 pm

Kahvisalongin kuosikimara is a performance featuring fabrics by eight Finnish textile and surface designers. This musically synchronised work is reflected in the window of the Bulevardin Kahvisalonki

Patterns from Finland designers Ilana Vähätupa, Sari Taipale, Nina Ruokonen, Maria Tolvanen, Hanna Ruusulampi, Ammi Lahtinen, Tanja Kallio and designer duo Kahanda Design all represent their own particular style of pattern design. They have a shared joy in colours and patterns. 

Lau Nau, the composer and performer of the musical accompaniment for the work, has appeared on stage internationally. Her songs create distinctive, cinematic soundscapes with a delicate, multi-layered effect. While viewing the work, the festival audience can listen to a lullaby on their own devices. The lullaby is a song of praise for all that is warm, soft and close to our hearts – curiosity and adventure, which continue when we sleep. 

Patterns from Finland is an agency founded for Finnish textile designers that operates on the international market. It aims to step up the dialogue between designers, textile manufacturers and ordinary consumers. Which patterns did you respond to emotionally, and why? What products or services are compatible with the design?

Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code in the window of Kahvisalonki and learn more about the work!

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