Old Church Park / Kari Kola: Color Park

Old Church Park
Kari Kola: Color Park

Address: Bulevardi

Color Park aims to get visitors playing with light. The work is inspired by colours, resulting in a powerful visual experience. Its calm tempo contrasts with the hectic pace of life.

The feeling of peace creates an almost meditative atmosphere in which the audience can focus on experiencing and exploring light. At several interactive points, visitors can use motion and proximity sensors to change the colour of the work. Also the Old Church will become a part of the installation.

This work was specially commissioned for Lux Helsinki. Color Park and Lantern Park will form a coherent whole at the Old Church Park (Vanha kirkkopuisto).

Photo of the installation: Lauri Rotko
Photo of Kari Kola: Ville Kokkola

Performance time: 5 pm – 10 pm

Joensuu-based light artist Kari Kola (b. 1978) has been interested in light all his life. Kola has been involved in the performing arts, concerts and festivals, but is known for his large-scale, outdoor light artwork in particular. In October 2015, Kola created the light artwork Magical Garden on an island in central Prague for the SIGNAL light festival. His works have been on exhibition in light festivals in Portugal and Slovenia, as well as at the opening ceremony of the UN's International Year of Light in Paris in 2015. Kola also organised the Aurora Carealis light festival in Joensuu.

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