Ateneum Courtyard / Jarmo Vellonen, Marikki Hakola, Epa Tamminen & Jone Takamäki: Frontiers

Ateneum courtyard
Jarmo Vellonen, Marikki Hakola, Epa Tamminen & Jone Takamäki: Frontiers

Address: Kaivokatu 2

Frontiers explores whether we understand the world through details or the big picture. The work invites the viewer to form her own interpretation. Are the work's visual references signs of a lived life, the fragments of a long-lost language or the remnants of structures ruined by war? 

The work comprises several reliefs set up on music note stands, as well as a video projection and a soundscape. It will remind viewers of an orchestra: its various elements are in dialogue with each other. Audiovisual elements come forth, change and hide in a continuum of lights and shadows and the imagery of the video projection.

The work was created by sculptor Jarmo Vellonen in collaboration with media artist Marikki Hakola, sound designer Epa Tamminen and musician Jone Takamäki. The installation premièred at the SUOMESTA gallery in Berlin in 2014. Its appearance at Lux Helsinki will be its first in Finland.

The work can be seen, without paying an entrance fee, at the Ateneum Art Museum. It will be on display near the museum shop, on the ground floor in Ateneum's inner courtyard. It lasts 15 minutes and will be exhibited without interruption.

The exhibitions of Ateneum Art Museum, including the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition, are open during the festival from 10 am to 8 pm (tickets 13/11 €).


Performance time: 5 pm – 10 pm

Jarmo Vellonen (b. 1958) is an internationally award-winning sculptor from Porvoo. Vellonen's works have featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad, including in Japan and the United States.

Marikki Hakola (b. 1960) is a media artist and film director from Porvoo. Hakola is an award-winning pioneer on the European video art scene. Her varied works have been widely exhibited at international festivals, art museums, various events and on television. 

Epa Tamminen (b. 1958) is a lighting and sound designer from Porvoo who has created soundtracks for a number of internationally award-winning short films, animations, media installations and documentaries. Tamminen's career has also included orchestral music, theatre and dance.

Based in Helsinki, Jone Takamäki (b. 1955) is an internationally award-winning composer and musician, and a master of musical improvisation. Takamäki has played in many orchestras and made music for films, dance and theatre performances. He plays instruments such as the saxophone, duduk, shakuhachi and hocchiku.

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