Light installations are created together with the partners

2 January 2016

Lux Helsinki’s partners in 2016 are Shader and Sun Effects. The festival is in collaboration with Bright Finland and Radio Helsinki.

Animation studio Shader will implement installation Megamap in the bell tower of Helsinki Cathedral together with Lux Helsinki. With 3D modeling, the bell tower will acquire new dimensions. Like a number of similar video works exhibited abroad, this flamboyant, commissioned work is based on video mapping technology. Only a few works based on this technique have been seen in Finland.

Sun Effects is a design and production collective from Helsinki specialising in light effects and visualisations. Sun Effects has been in charge of the programme, production and implementation of Lux Helsinki since 2012. The collective's other projects include the Flow Festival, the startup event Slush and the Linnanmäki carnival of light. For the 2016 festival, Sun Effects will create the installation Candy House at the Ateneum façade.

Bright Finland is Finland's leading event technology expert that has been one of the technology providers for Lux Helsinki for several years. Bright Finland’s core competencies lie in the design of light, sound and image technology, as well as in technical solutions, equipment hire, importing and sales. In addition to corporate, sports and festival events, the company is involved in a range of theatre and television productions.